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DPG Energy foresees a market for distributed power generation in developed markets for end-users wishing (or needing) to "island" themselves from the grid.


Today's aging power infrastructure was not designed to meet the current or future energy demands for reliable electricity. End-users are increasingly burdened with rising electricity costs, congested transmission paths, power outages (inclusive weather events) and power quality issues. In short, the current electrification system is now obsolete.


In the US alone, upgrades to the existing grid are projected to reach a total of $2 Trillion by 2030. These costs to repair and upgrade the grid will have to be recovered from existing customers - and many utilities are currently seeking rate increases to cover the cost of upgrades to their transmission and distribution system. In the interim, one-third of the states in the US already have multi-tiered electric rate structures - up to 300%+ over a monthly baseline allocation of 500 kilowatt hours.

Ice storm
Residential Blackout


End-users want dependable access to high quality, low-cost power now. Given the range of current capital costs for alternative power generation systems - between $1,100 per kilowatt (kW) and $15,000/kW - DPG Energy's multi-fuel and compact energy power generation unit will provide reliable on-site electricity at a significant reduction in capital costs as well as immediate savings in electricity bills for multiple residential and small business settings.



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