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DPG Energy's proprietary multi-fuel microtrubine. Cleantech Open Southeast regional finalist.

DPG Energy empowers individuals, small businesses and communities in rural and remote areas to generate and consume their own reliable, low-cost and clean on-site electricity, 24/7.

Driven by a small microturbine, DPG Energy’s multi-fuel distributed power generation solution provides an exceptionally economical, clean energy alternative to produce combined heat and power (CHP) where the generation,  transmission and distribution of power systems is cost prohibitive, geographically infeasible, sporadic at best or simply non-existent.


Specifically designed and manufactured to meet nonstop (or intermittent) power demands within harsh environments, DPG Energy’s CHP solution is ideally suited for applications requiring up to 20 kilowatts (kWs) of efficient, uninterruptible and low-emission power generation.  The unit is scalable, providing significant flexibility to fulfill increasing power requirements up to 80kWs as well as being integrated within or tied into regional or national utility-driven microgrids.


DPG Energy’s distributed power generation solution accommodates multiple fuel sources, inclusive utilizing waste gases as renewable fuel sources within close proximity to the end-user:  Raw or cleansed biogas from livestock animal waste; sour gas flared or vented into the atmosphere from oil and gas wells, biomass, natural gas and other fuel options such as propane, diesel or kerosene.


Compact and lightweight, DPG Energy's CHP unit generates cleaner, cheaper and efficient on-site electricity at dramatically lower capital and operating costs while solving significant pain points in three high energy-demand industry segments: Dairy and Livestock Production, Rural and Remote Electrification and Residential and Small Business.


Market Solutions

Dairy and Livestock Production

Dairy and
Livestock Production


As a locally produced renewable fuel source via anaerobic digestive systems, DPG Energy’s multi-fuel CHP unit also contains the proprietary technology to burn raw or uncleansed biogas (containing 65% +/-  methane).


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Rural and Remote Electrification

Rural and
Remote Electrification


DPG Energy's microturbine-driven combined heat and power (CHP) system will produce power in rural and remote areas where the generation and consumption of power represents astronomical costs, the transmission and distribution of power is unreliable or no generation capacity currently exists.


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Residential and Small Business

Residential and
Small Business


DPG Energy foresees a market for distributed power generation in developed markets for end-users wishing (or needing) to "island" themselves from the grid.


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