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Reducing Local-to-Global Methane Emissions

Reducing Local-to-Global Methane Emissions

Dairy and Livestock Production


As a locally produced, renewable fuel source via anaerobic digestive systems, DPG Energy’s multi-fuel CHP unit also contains the proprietary technology to burn raw or uncleansed biogas (containing 65% +/-  methane).


Many big and small economies depend on dairy and livestock production such as milk, poultry and pork.   However, the combination of more global regulatory requirements concerning methane emissions, rising energy prices and increasing worldwide competition is motivating many dairy and livestock production owners/operators to use anaerobic digestion (AD) to control the release of methane.  (AD – a process that decomposes and converts animal waste into biogas.)

Dairy cows

A few facts about methane emissions, dairy and livestock production animal waste:


  • In the United States and the European Union, over 2,000 million tons of dairy and livestock animal waste* is excreted each year.  *Dairy cows, swine & poultry.

  • Every day, one dairy cow excretes an average of 120 pounds of waste.

  • In addition to water pollution issues and animal waste odors, dairy farm animal waste currently contributes 43% of total global methane emissions.

  • Methane is 20 times more effective trapping heat in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide.

  • Combusting or burning one ton of methane is equivalent to eliminating 24 tons of carbon dioxide.

Biogas can be a clean, local source of renewable fuel to generate on-site electricity and heat.  However, the majority of small-scale dairy and livestock production owners/operators have found the current capital outlays and ongoing maintenance costs to generate on-site electricity via traditional internal combustion engines cost-prohibitive.


In addition to DPG Energy’s CHP solution having the flexibility to burn multiple traditional fuels such as natural gas, diesel and kerosene, the unit’s capacity to burn corrosive raw biogas from anaerobic digestive systems reduces the capital outlay and historically related maintenance costs by approximately 40%-45% to establish and generate on-site electricity and heat for small-scale dairy farms and livestock production operators.



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